Month: January 2014

Radio Shack Foretold The Future ?

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Everything From 1991 Radio Shack Ad I Now Do With My Phone

This article I found quite comical and interesting. It’s crazy to think how much money we would have had to spend back in ’91 to have all 13 of those separate items and today, we have all 13 of those items AND about a million more apps that enable us to do just about anything we want all on our cell phones. Also, the fact that Steve mentions just how technologically advanced we’ve become in as little as two decades. Younger kids may not see the big deal in how much change has happened but I definitely appreciate how far we’ve come and that it’s affordable as well.


New Day Newspaper

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A Newspaper For The Twitter Age: The Size Of A Sales Receipt, And Edited By You

After watching the video of the “Little Printer” I actually thought to myself, “Where can I buy this?”. To me, I find it to be an actually refreshing idea. Obviously printers are not a new thing but this is like your own personal newspaper where you can print off things that you want to read about or are actually worth reading, for myself anyway. I think Berg has gone in a different direction that no one has really thought of and bringing back the physical part of memories/stories seems like something a lot of people would like.

Technology Ever-Changing Our Lives

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The Next Billion Lives Technology Will Change

My thoughts on Technology and how it’s changing our future, is that as the years go on technology is evolving and in a positive way. Some would say that we depend on technology too much, but with technology comes more innovation and better futures for us. As said in the article, with so much technology that we have, it’s become possible for children to learn more than they do in classrooms by getting online. We have so many resources that are accessible to everyone even if they are not rich or have millions of dollars to spend on going to an expensive University. The more technology we have the better our futures are looking.

Instagram Phenomena

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Instagram Is The Fastest-Growing Social Site Globally, Mobile Devices Rule Over PCs For Access

My response is that Instagram has indeed become the most popular social site, especially in the U.S., and that the reason Mobile Devices rule over all others is because we carry them on our person all day, everyday. Instagram has recently added an app for iPads/Tablets as well as a website, but how convenient is it to simply pull out your phone and scroll through instead of powering up your laptop/PC or even tablets just to get on Instagram? It’s easier and faster to pull up on your phone, and Instagram is more generally used with younger adults than with older adults. Most adults don’t spend time taking selfies, random pictures of their food, or “Bitches be like..” pictures.

Stories We Do/Don’t Read

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The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, And Maybe Infuriate, You

Maria Konnikova talks about what makes stories appealing to everyone and why it is that we only share certain stories. She states that the main reason people decided to ‘share’ stories on Facebook with others is because they are happy stories or because they are arousing to us. I definitely do agree with what she says. The reason people share stories is because they are heartfelt stories or because they excite us about something whatever that topic may be. I think that people also like to share stories that are controversial or share stories that contain some type of Celebrity drama. Although just about everyone says they like to stay away from “drama” they like to read about other people’s difficulties.