Month: February 2014

NBA Cares

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NBA Cares is the league’s global community outreach initiative that addresses important social issues such as education, youth and family development, and health and wellness. The NBA and its teams support a range of programs, partners and initiatives that strive to positively impact children and families worldwide.



The NBA Cares is here to help communities in all parts of the U.S. and abroad. They currently have created more than 760 different places for kids and families such as basketball courts, libraries even helping repair homes. These are all possible with the help of our NBA basketball players, the league and business partners. NBA Cares has built all of these different places to help kids stay on a bright path for their future. From Oklahoma to Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, there are numerous places that NBA Cares has built to help these children. The NBA wants to build good relationships with fans and partners and have been able to do so by partnering with non-profit organizations to help benefit these communities. Under NBA Cares there are several outreach programs that help address social, educational, and environmental issues as well as health and wellness and youth and family development. There is Coaches for Kids, the NBA/WNBA FIT program, NBA Green, Basketball without Borders and the Kia Community Assist program. The NBA Cares program has helped millions of communities worldwide and they continue to do so with efforts from the NBA players and even us as citizens. I feel that NBA Cares is a great program and shows how much our favorite NBA players care about their cities and the people in them. To see them helping and giving back is something admirable and their efforts are clearly seen. the NBA has done an amazing job to help communities from all around the U.S. and have instilled great values to the players, their families and to all of us as well.  To read more about NBA Cares and their efforts, click here.


Universal Credit Card

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The idea is great, but obviously there are a lot of flaws that come with bundling all your credit cards together and how they plan to use and secure the system. The idea of just pressing a button on your coin card to switch from one credit card to another is weird, and I see how a waiter or waitress could just switch it up maybe not on purpose but what if they did? Then they could charge the wrong cards. And who has that many credit cards anyway? I know I have one credit card which sometimes I never want to use and try to leave out of sight, and one Debit card. For me, it wouldn’t really be that convenient, seems like more work to get it all set up than anything. Like I said, the concept of it all seems cool, but until all details are ironed out, I don’t see too many people jumping at the chance to get a Coin Card. To read more about this article, click here.

Artificial Intelligence

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John Markoff tells us about the artificial intelligence and all it’s research going on. He writes that cars are now being developed to drive themselves and that robots are being created to help us in our everyday lives. They are being created to interact with humans and programmed to read our facial expressions and know how we are feeling. I think the way technology is advancing is great but at times, it can be controversial and overwhelming for some. To think that in another decade or so we will have robots like in the movies seems cool, but then we think what happens if we are overtaken and put ourselves in those movie situations. How far is too far? So far, from what I read in the article, it seems that people want technology for all the right reasons, but we can’t predict that things will go in the right direction. To read more about this article, click here.

New Password = Your Hearbeat

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The technology we come up with is just amazing, to put it simply. The video is self-explanatory and I find the whole bracelet a lot better than someday someone putting a chip in my body. I think that with that kind of technology it would prevent identity theft and that in itself is something that we all want. It would make things a lot easier in our everyday lives just as they illustrate in the video. I found it very interesting and something exciting to look forward to in our future.

iPod’s Birth

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Leander Kahney tells us the story of how the iPod came to realization. It was entirely the work of a group, not just Steve Jobs. Down to the name, iPod, it was all created by several different people including Steve Jobs, Tony Fadell, Jon Rubenstein, and many others from the Apple company. I think the article is interesting because I actually did not know the whole story nor did I really think about what the name meant. I find it interesting that the name was patented before the product was actually born and was supposed to be used for something else, but that the name was just right for this product. To read more about this article, click here.


Facebook News Feed Isn’t Really News

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Derek Thompson writes about how we use Facebook to read articles and how it has surpassed Google’s search for news articles. I 100% agree with Derek and believe that people no longer search for real news stories, not even on Facebook. Facebook “news” is actually just things we want to read about, heart-warming stories about how some lady defeated Cancer or things that remind us of our childhoods. Thompson writes that the news we choose to read on Facebook is simply, “to show us a reflection of the person we’d like to be, to make us feel, to make us smile, and, most simply, to remind us of ourselves.” So, yes we go to Facebook and Twitter to find out what’s going on, but we don’t really want to know about what’s going on in Wallstreet or about the Stock Market. Even if one of our friends was to share substantial information, would we even bother to click the link and seriously read the whole article? Probably not. To read more about this article, click here.

Chicago Bulls In The Community

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As you all know, I’m a huge Chicago Bulls Fan. One of the things that I love most about being a fan of such a great basketball team is knowing that the players themselves take time to have their own foundations or even help out in the community that supports them in their games. I did some research and just wanted to shed some light on the things that the Chicago Bulls take part in. One of the things that most moved me was their participation with the Violence Prevention Program. The Chicago Bulls and the Chicago White Sox sat down with young boys in the Youth Guidance’s B.A.M and talked to them about what happens in the streets of Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune, the crime rate in Chicago in the month of December 2013 was 1,771 violent crimes, 7,121 property crimes and 5,190 quality of life crimes. Chicago is a wonderful place, but obviously has it’s share of crimes, and a lot of them occur within younger aged adults. The players sat down and asked these kids if they feel safe walking the streets to get to school and you can tell by their reactions that they do not feel safe. Jerry Reinsdorf, chairman for the Bulls and White Sox says, “Our goal as a partner is to the shine a light on organizations like Youth Guidance and to encourage young people who are looking for support to reach out to them and others in the community that are addressing the issue of violence.” Part of the program consists of mentoring opportunities, tours of the arena and both ballparks, even presentations to show what careers are out there for these kids. Michelle Morrison, the Youth Guidance’s CEO says, “We share the hope of the Bulls and White Sox that kids who see these powerful videos will be inspired to engage in constructive conversations that will allow them to move from feeling powerless to realizing their own power and ability to bring about positive change in their lives as well as the lives of others in their communities.” I think that the program is an excellent idea to help their young community. What better way to show them that they have opportunities than by talking to some of their idols/role models. Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler sat down with a group of young buys and asked them questions about their daily lives and how they feel growing up in Chicago. This is just one single project that the Chicago Bulls have supported, there are numerous charities, organizations, and foundations that the Chicago Bulls support. They know that they are role models for these kids and have humbly given back to the city of Chicago, which is another reason why I’m such a huge fan. To learn more about Youth Guidance and their organization, click here.

To see more about the Chicago Bulls and their help in the local communities, click here.

Thank You Jack Dorsey…

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.. without him, we wouldn’t have Twitter. The interview on 60 Minutes, was very interesting and gave me a different perspective on how he comes up with such great projects like Square. I’m pretty amazed at how innovative Jack Dorsey is, and he definitely deserves all the awards and praises he gets. Square is a great app that I know firsthand how simple and how efficient it is for people to use in their everyday lives. To view the video, click here.

Social Media Strategies

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Basically, if you aren’t online as much as others (including myself), and want to increase on followers, views, likes, etc. etc., then you should definitely read these 14 strategies; otherwise, I think most people know when the best time is to tweet something, or post on upload a new Instagram picture. As far as Facebook, that kinda varies because most people are on Facebook 90% of the time. Most people don’t actually ever log out, they just aren’t on the feed 24/7. The article definitely makes sense, but nothing new to me. To read more about this article, click here.

HLN & Their Grandpa CEO

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So, basically Albie Hecht got this new CEO position and wants to make HLN into Twitter/Tumblr/MediaTakeOut combined? I feel like he’s trying to do something that is already out there, and I don’t think many people will catch on to HLN. I don’t personally know anyone or had even heard of HLN before today. People get on Twitter for news, or if you want the raunchy news/gossip you get on MediaTakeOut, TMZ or even Perez Hilton’s blog to hear about celebs. I just don’t see what the point is or see it really going anywhere. To read more about this article, click here.