Universal Credit Card

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The idea is great, but obviously there are a lot of flaws that come with bundling all your credit cards together and how they plan to use and secure the system. The idea of just pressing a button on your coin card to switch from one credit card to another is weird, and I see how a waiter or waitress could just switch it up maybe not on purpose but what if they did? Then they could charge the wrong cards. And who has that many credit cards anyway? I know I have one credit card which sometimes I never want to use and try to leave out of sight, and one Debit card. For me, it wouldn’t really be that convenient, seems like more work to get it all set up than anything. Like I said, the concept of it all seems cool, but until all details are ironed out, I don’t see too many people jumping at the chance to get a Coin Card. To read more about this article, click here.


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