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Empowerment Vs. Marketing Prezi

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Mateo’s Baptism

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Buzzfeed & Quizzes

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I agree with Baer, that people will respond to a product, or in this case, a quiz that is easy and fun for them to look at. If they like a certain show or movie or musical artist; they will take all those quizzes shared by their Facebook friends? Why? Because people want to know more about themselves, whether or not the quizzes actually tell real information; its always something positive that is said about them and they want to relate to what they like most. The fact that the editors/publishers had a hard time with the quizzes is something else but as far as I know, my friends have always been into the quizzes, but now that it isn’t so difficult for them to use; it makes it that much easier for them to produce lots of new quizzes that people are clicking and interacting with.

1,000 True Fans

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In the article, they talk about how artist should try to focus on 1,000 True Fans instead of lesser fans. Find the people who want to see you perform/support you, who will pay for your products, who care to listen, who will drive to another state to see your concert; find those true fans and build relationships with them to keep they’re continuous support. They explain how an artist can make a living off of those 1,000 true fans and that in today’s world it might be a smarter move to build and keep those relationships so that you won’t just be a one-hit-wonder. I slightly agree with what they have said. I believe that if the artist is that good and actually has true fans, that they can make it. To read more about this article, click here.

since sliced bread..

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Is it remarkable? Is it worth making a remark about? Godin tells us to sell to people who are listening, and maybe they will tell their friends. He tells us to market to the early innovators instead of trying to target the early & late adopters who do not listen to you when you have an idea. Your ideas have to not only be different to be successful, but you have to be able to figure out how to spread those ideas. I definitely agree with Seth, I think you have to not only have a product that people want but you have to be able to come up with a unique idea on how to sell it. To see Seth Godin’s talk on TED or others, click here.


Malcolm Gladwell on TED

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Malcolm Gladwell talks about choices, what makes us happy and to put it simply: that most people don’t know what they want, until someone put it in front of us. I agree with Malcolm in the way that people do not always speak up about what it is that makes them happy or what they want. He also implies that there’s a variation of foods, such as spaghetti sauces, to please people individually. With so much variation, in foods, people have broken out of that singular mind-set and have taken that same theory and applied it to science and health. Now Cancer is not being treated as if it is the same, singular disease that has all the same side-effects for every person; scientists and doctors are treating Cancer patients with customization and individualism. Gladwell says, “that in embracing the diversity of human beings we will find a sure way to true happiness” something I truly agree with and believe that if we all have that same mind-set, we would find resolutions to any problem that comes our way. To view this TED talk and others, click here.

Ira Glass On Storytelling…

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Some of the best advice you can get for anyone who strives to produce professional content no matter what it may be. I think it definitely applies to us, especially in this Electronic Communications class. After recording that first audio clip we had to do, I critiqued myself completely and I was so nervous, but once you’ve done something; you can only get better. I actually watched the whole interview with Ira and he has nothing but great advice on how to keep getting better at what you do. It’s gonna take a while but you have to fight through it and continue to get better through your previous mistakes. To watch the shorter video on VIMEO, click here.

Benny & The Bulls

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Dick Klein was the man who came up with the team name. Klein wanted something that would represent Chicago and that being it was the meat capital of the world (at that time) he was going back and forth with matadors or toreadors when finally his son gave him the inspiration, the Bulls. Klein, Bianchi and Johnny “Red” Kerr finally got together in 1966 as a team and joined the NBA. The Chicago Bulls became the league’s 10th franchise.

The Chicago Bulls Mascot, Benny the Bull came to be in 1969. Benny has been with the Bulls for over 40 years since the Chicago Stadium and then now at the United Center. He is one of the older mascots that has been around for quite some time, and was named after Ben Bentley. Ben Bentley was the first PR manager and stadium announcers. Benny was also recently named the Most Popular Mascot in Sports by Forbes in 2013. The original Benny was much larger back in 1969 as you can see in the photos below, and our present-day Benny is now slim and in good shape to show the younger kids that it’s important to stay fit and healthy.



From 1995 – 2004 the Chicago Bulls created “Da Bull” who was supposed to be Benny the Bull’s sidekick but was not so generously accepted because of his much more aggressive look. In 2004 Da Bull was caught trying to sell marijuana to kids and was dropped from the team altogether.


To read more about Benny the Bulls please visit some of these websites:

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I love Amazon! I always buy used CD’s or old game systems, cellphones, chargers, phone cases pretty much anything and I can always buy it at a cheap price which is great. So Marcus tells us that Amazon is thinking about coming up with their own TV box like Apple TV. I think that if Amazon does go through with it, they might just be the new Walmart for the Internet. Why go anywhere else when you can get it all at Amazon? But there are some downfalls, and not all people will just switch, especially not if they’re loyal to another brand. But I do think Amazon should continue in this direction, I think it would be beneficial to them if they play it out right. To read more about this article, click here.


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Andy Wiedlin tells us how they make money from clicks on their website, instead of using banner ads, they use stories from other sponsors on their own website. Personally, I’ve been on Buzzfeed a lot lately, just taking all those quizzes and the fun stories with gifs. I first got introduced to the site through my Facebook. Lots of my friends and family have shared stories and quizzes that they’ve taken and then post to Facebook. I think it’s a great idea to use shared content instead of banner ads for them to make money. To see the video, click here.