Benny & The Bulls

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Dick Klein was the man who came up with the team name. Klein wanted something that would represent Chicago and that being it was the meat capital of the world (at that time) he was going back and forth with matadors or toreadors when finally his son gave him the inspiration, the Bulls. Klein, Bianchi and Johnny “Red” Kerr finally got together in 1966 as a team and joined the NBA. The Chicago Bulls became the league’s 10th franchise.

The Chicago Bulls Mascot, Benny the Bull came to be in 1969. Benny has been with the Bulls for over 40 years since the Chicago Stadium and then now at the United Center. He is one of the older mascots that has been around for quite some time, and was named after Ben Bentley. Ben Bentley was the first PR manager and stadium announcers. Benny was also recently named the Most Popular Mascot in Sports by Forbes in 2013. The original Benny was much larger back in 1969 as you can see in the photos below, and our present-day Benny is now slim and in good shape to show the younger kids that it’s important to stay fit and healthy.



From 1995 – 2004 the Chicago Bulls created “Da Bull” who was supposed to be Benny the Bull’s sidekick but was not so generously accepted because of his much more aggressive look. In 2004 Da Bull was caught trying to sell marijuana to kids and was dropped from the team altogether.


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