Malcolm Gladwell on TED

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Malcolm Gladwell talks about choices, what makes us happy and to put it simply: that most people don’t know what they want, until someone put it in front of us. I agree with Malcolm in the way that people do not always speak up about what it is that makes them happy or what they want. He also implies that there’s a variation of foods, such as spaghetti sauces, to please people individually. With so much variation, in foods, people have broken out of that singular mind-set and have taken that same theory and applied it to science and health. Now Cancer is not being treated as if it is the same, singular disease that has all the same side-effects for every person; scientists and doctors are treating Cancer patients with customization and individualism. Gladwell says, “that in embracing the diversity of human beings we will find a sure way to true happiness” something I truly agree with and believe that if we all have that same mind-set, we would find resolutions to any problem that comes our way. To view this TED talk and others, click here.


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