Never Leave Your House Again!

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Nick Bilton experimented how long it would take for him to go without having to leave his home and soley relying on his cellphone. Bilton quickly realized that he could go very far without having to leave home. In essence, if you have the money and live in the right place, there would be no reason for you to leave home if you didn’t want to. There are millions of apps that will help you with everyday tasks. You can have groceries delivered right to your door, you can order in from several apps if you don’t feel like cooking yourself, you can sync your washer and dryer with an app, or even have someone do your laundry from an app, you can pay bills, get your dry cleaning done, buy a whole new wardrobe, take online classes, call for maintenance, anything you could possibly think of can all be done with a touch of a button straight from your cell phone. So why leave home? Although technology has its advances, I believe that people still want to have that face-to-face interaction. Even if you have the worst possible service all day long, it’s still human interaction and even that is better than avoiding people for long periods of time. The way our generation interacts with people (or doesn’t) is very different compared to 20 years ago, but when it comes down to it; we still enjoy face-to-face converstations. Talking to our friends in person is something we would rather do than FaceTime, we would still rather hang out and go to a movie or go bowling than sit at home by ourselves and never go out. It’s just how we approach things that is different. We get to know people online instead of dying of anxiety by talking to them in person or have time to think about what we wanna say before we make fools of ourselves by blurting something stupid out. We simply are a bit more cautious and like to test the waters before we jump into something, which is not such a bad thing. To read more about this article, click here.


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