Digital Age: Print out a new organ if needed.

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How amazing would it be to save someone’s life by being able to print 3D pictures of organs which could then be man-made?

On one hand, there’s the I-can-save-your-life-by-making-new-organs side, which speaking for everyone I think is obviously something we all want. If we could save our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, neighbors, dogs by getting an organ they needed; why wouldn’t we?

And on the other hand, if this was to actually happen, and organs were being produced like any other regular commodity, how long will we all be living? Not only is this a religious issue, but what about economic, global, and environmental issues? I agree with Jon Todd in that some people believe that if it’s their time to go, it’s their time, but how many of us want our loved ones to live longer? How many of us want to help them live? There’s people on wait lists to get new organs, aren’t those same people that are waiting beating their “time” by getting a transplant? If someone gets hit by a car, gets hospitalized and recovers, does that mean that they cheated death? If we were all to live longer, we would start to overpopulate the country, and even the world. How long until we run out of resources to live? These are ethical questions that do not have one single correct answer. It’s scary to think that we could soon have organs to spare for everyone, but then again it’s something that inspires and gives hope to those in need. And on top of all of that, comes the question; How much do we charge? To read more about this article, click here.


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