Social Media & The News

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The Pew Research that was done over how News exists with Social Media was right on the money. I agree with the statistics and the eight different take-aways. Facebook is definitely the social media site that has the most news which is often shared by family or friends which can range from “Women using bra as phone holders can cause cancer” to “Mayor Ford on Crack.. again” (those are just some examples). The news that people read on Facebook is only actually read when they click on the article, not everyone clicks on every article to read, they might just scroll through but it’s probably the only social media site that lets you share those news stories. There are several other key points explained in the article, one of them in particular, about how people have different opinions from Twitter and the public opinion I think that the reason being is that Twitter is usually where people post their most rash opinions on things, they don’t post to agree with the public, they post or tweet about what they really feel, so their opinions may seem harsh. To read more about this article, click here.


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