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Whats a job like at ESPN ?

” It’s a series of defining moments. An opportunity to experience greatness with every project, every meeting, every time you walk through the door. It’s a continuous challenge that can only be overcome by those with the drive to be successful. At ESPN, you have to want it, because others rely on you. The reward? Well, come see for yourself. Explore the culture, the careers and the meaning of achievement at ESPN. “


If you are interested in a job at ESPN, you simply have to want it. As we discuss in class, there are millions of applications that get put in everyday, but if there is nothing that seperates you from the pack, why would they hire you? There is an array of jobs available with ESPN, not in all cities; but relocation isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve thought about the future over and over, and trust me when I say I’m ready to leave Oklahoma for an opportunity to work for ESPN. ESPN is a part of Disney which means they have tons of jobs that you could get into; not just sports. On the ESPN website for careers, they have some helpful links to help you with the application process.

” ESPN spans over 200 countries and territories on all seven continents and includes television (46 networks in 16 languages, with over 200 million subscribers), wireless, interactive, print, radio, broadband, event management and consumer products. That’s more than a winning business model. That’s determination, hard work, great ideas and a company stacked with professionals who strive for glory. “

Some helpful points when trying to get a job (for any company) is to first find out what field of work you want to do within the company, they have so many opportunities such as digital media, public relations, producers, crewing coordinators, on-air motion graphics, etc. Once you know what kind of work is best for you, you can log on to and get to the career section. From there you can select positions read the job descriptions and apply. Another important thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the company. If you want to work there, you should know the history and who is currently in charge. If you apply for a job and say you really wanna work there but know nothing about the company, it definitely does not make you look professional. You can also research some of the interview questions you may get, (Glassdoor) or even talk to people who have been interviewed before for more help. To get to the Careers section on ESPN, click here.


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