Chicago Bulls

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Tonight is game 82 at Charlotte Bobcats. Although the Bulls have faced several downfalls, including Rose’s knee injury and trading some starting players; they have come a long way and are looking at getting into the Playoffs again this year. As of now the Bulls are tied with Raptors in 3rd place for the Eastern Conference. If they want to secure a place in the Playoffs they need to work hard to get a Win against the Raptors.

Being a true Bulls fan I’m biased when I say that they’re going to surprise the hell out of everyone in the Playoffs. They’ve been working hard with Rose and Deng gone and have not shown a sign that they have given up. Augustin their newest and one of the lead scorers for the Bulls now, is a former Bobcat and we hope he will be at tonight’s game.

For now, the players are just trying to get through one game at a time, but that does not mean that they aren’t shooting for Playoffs, or the Finals for that matter. All we can do is hope the Bulls get their game right, stay in rhythm with each other and keep taking those easy shots. For more on the Chicago Bulls, click here.


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