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Personally, if you have to pay for an app to make yourself look thinner for Instagram, there might be a problem. I use photoshop, and retouch on photos; but to make myself look like a 100lb model? Not that it may or may not be impossible, but what would be the purpose? If you don’t look like that in person why try so hard to make yourself look that way in a single picture or just online? There may be some deeper, psychological reasoning behind it and getting a 99 cent app isn’t going to solve your problems. Sure it’s fun to mess with photo editing apps for fun or to make your selfies look cool, but when it gets to that extreme where young girls are running into these self-image/self-esteem issues; it becomes a problem. There’s definitely no harm in having fun with editing photo apps but there definitely needs to be a balance and younger girls don’t need to think that this is the way to look. To read more about this article, click here.


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