Killing Passwords

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I’m always interested and intrigued to read about how passwords may become irrelevant soon, mostly because between work, school and home I have about 30 different passwords. Some I have to write down because of course I won’t remember and then there’s the passwords that need to be changed every 90 days which is the most annoying thing ever. So to hear that soon we could just get rid of them all and just use fingerprints would be so much more convenient. Obviously we would no longer have to worry about forgetting our passwords or struggling to verify tons of random quesions to get it reset or those 500 rules you have to follow just to create a password. There is a downside to having a fingerprint or even an iris scan as a password, and I think it’s just the simple fact that giving a fingerprint just means that they have even MORE information about you than you may want to give. A fingerprint scan is pretty personal and having it on file for everything just seems a bit creepy. Of course, I do have an iPhone 5s and I use my fingerprint everyday to unlock my phone or buy music or games from the iTunes App store and that isn’t so creepy. To read more about this article, click here. 


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