Chicago Bulls History 1984 – Present

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The Chicago Bulls was formed in 1966 and joined the NBA as the league’s 10th franchise. For the first few years as any new basketball franchise the team struggled until about 1968 when Bob Love, a former Milwaukee Buck came to the Bulls and played as a starting forward. With his record average of 25.8 points per game Bob Love made his first two appearances at the NBA All-Star Games and a third in 1973. He was the second player from the Chicago Bulls to have his #10 jersey retired, after Jerry Sloan. The Bulls’ reputation was quickly embraced by the fans and in the NBA as one of the “toughest” teams. The Bulls were very hardworking but the results did not always reflect the hard work. During the mid-1980s, Michael Jordan was Chicago’s third draft pick and most notably the best decision the Bulls made. Jordan’s first season with the Bulls went tremendous his point average was at 28.2 and had a shooting average of 51.5%. Michael’s popularity and reputation grew so quickly that he became every fan’s favorite player even among opposing teams and was named All-Star player.  Michael’s fast-growing popularity caught the attention of many including the media which made many players envious including those on his team which led to a rumored “freeze out” where his own teammates would ignore and avoid passing the ball to Michael. Michael said he knew nothing about the “freeze out” during his Hall of Fame Enshrinement speech, he said he was just so happy to be there and playing with such great players he was naiive to the rumors going around and only wanted to be the best to impress his teammates. In Jordan’s second season he was severly injured and broke his foot leaving him to miss 64 games. Even without Jordan, the Bulls made the playoffs and he was able to return in time to play. Jordan helped play against the Celtics but lost. Jordan along with his teammates continued to play hard for the next few years and returned to the Playoffs winning several awards along the way. From 1991-1993 the Chicago Bulls led their famous 3-Peat and won three NBA Championships which then soon after Michael Jordan announced his retirement. He had recently lost his father and felt that he no longer was happy playing basketball. He took a short retirement and came back to the NBA in 1995 which everyone was more than happy to welcome him back. Michael had gone more than a year without playing basketball but adjusted quickly and led to Chicago’s 2nd 3-Peat. Jordan then retired again for the second time in 1999. Over the next several years, the team struggled without Michael but the fans came flocking in to watch the games. The Bulls stadium had sold out 567 games straight and they continued to watch even after Jordan was gone. The Chicago Bulls continued to stay pretty quiet for the next several years, not many players were drafted to the Bulls that had much of an impact. Bulls expected to try and recruit some free agents but most players rejected Chicago simply for convenience of being closer to their homes.

Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls

In 2008, the Chicago Bulls 1st draft pick was Derrick Rose, the recently famous point guard who has brought so much attention once again to the Bulls. Rose caught a lot of attention being the first player to score more than 10 points in his first 10 games since Jordan. Derrick Rose played in the Rookie Challenge and won the ‘Skills Challenge’ and was the first rookie to do so and went on to win Rookie Of The Year as well, along with Jordan. Rose has been nothing short of amazing and has worked very hard to help the Bulls get to the Playoffs, not once but four times since he joined the Chicago Bulls. In the 2010-2011 season Derrick Rose was chosen to play as a starting guard on the 2011 NBA All-Star Team for the East. On May 3rd, Rose broke yet another record; named the youngest NBA Most Valuable Player at 22. And the highlight of the 2011 Playoffs for the Bulls was getting to the 3rd round with the Miami Heat. The series went on for five games but due to several injuries with the Bulls players they lost the series and the Heat went on to the Finals. Although we still have not made it to the Finals, all of this progress just shows how far we have come and how much hard work is being put in by the players and coaches to keep going. This has been a difficult year as well, just yesterday the Chicago Bulls played game 5 against the Wizards and fell short. The season is over for the Bulls but it was still an amazing season throughout the obstacles that were thrown at us. Rose was injured once again early in the season, Deng and Nate Robinson were traded, and then Taj was injured last night as well. Regardless of how we we did in the Playoffs, I will always #SEERED and remain loyal. Bulls’s fans stay loyal because we believe in the game and the players. We see how hard they work and never give up; giving and inspiring us all. Thank you for an amazing season Noah, DJ, Taj, Kirk, Dunleavy, Butler, the rookies, and the rest of the bench. Next season is ours!



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