MMR Final Project – Mateo’s Baptism

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Mateo’s Baptism

When a baby is baptized it means that they now belong to the Catholic Church and when they die, they will be able to go into the kingdom of God. This is one of first steps that a Catholic must go through in their life, as God wanted us to follow.

This is some previous work that I did earlier this year. I didn’t really want to include a big story around it. I believe that the story is told in the video. I came to my cousin knowing that she was getting ready to baptize her son Mateo. I wanted to capture a video for her and also for my own benefit have a video to add to my portfolio, and the fact that I could use it for my final project was just very convenient. I knew that she would want something to remember the event, as it is her first child.

Our family is Catholic and as is our tradition we baptize babies before they turn one year old. The video does include my cousin’s family; although I wasn’t aware until you recently sent an email we couldn’t use family. But, the focus is on the actual baptism and not the family as much. Access was fairly easy, I was able to go to their residence in Owasso and film them as they prepared for the event. The church of course, located in Tulsa was very welcoming and was not at all bothered as I was right in front filming during the mass and baptism. The original video was very lengthy but for this purpose I reduced it to hit the highest points and tell the story as best I could.

I did have some trouble with the audio, I’m not too experienced when trying to record myself but I tried to narrate the story a bit as some of was in Spanish. My cousin Gaby was my primary source, her husband Hector, and also the father Briones. He gave me more information about baptism and gave me permission to film during the mass.

Overall it was a great experience, I really enjoyed myself getting to do this project and be able to share it with their family. I definitely see that my film skills, sourcing, and writing skills have improved over time. I wanted to present this work to show those skills and hopefully I’ve been able to portray that and tell a story.


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