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MMR Final Project – Mateo’s Baptism

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Mateo’s Baptism

When a baby is baptized it means that they now belong to the Catholic Church and when they die, they will be able to go into the kingdom of God. This is one of first steps that a Catholic must go through in their life, as God wanted us to follow.

This is some previous work that I did earlier this year. I didn’t really want to include a big story around it. I believe that the story is told in the video. I came to my cousin knowing that she was getting ready to baptize her son Mateo. I wanted to capture a video for her and also for my own benefit have a video to add to my portfolio, and the fact that I could use it for my final project was just very convenient. I knew that she would want something to remember the event, as it is her first child.

Our family is Catholic and as is our tradition we baptize babies before they turn one year old. The video does include my cousin’s family; although I wasn’t aware until you recently sent an email we couldn’t use family. But, the focus is on the actual baptism and not the family as much. Access was fairly easy, I was able to go to their residence in Owasso and film them as they prepared for the event. The church of course, located in Tulsa was very welcoming and was not at all bothered as I was right in front filming during the mass and baptism. The original video was very lengthy but for this purpose I reduced it to hit the highest points and tell the story as best I could.

I did have some trouble with the audio, I’m not too experienced when trying to record myself but I tried to narrate the story a bit as some of was in Spanish. My cousin Gaby was my primary source, her husband Hector, and also the father Briones. He gave me more information about baptism and gave me permission to film during the mass.

Overall it was a great experience, I really enjoyed myself getting to do this project and be able to share it with their family. I definitely see that my film skills, sourcing, and writing skills have improved over time. I wanted to present this work to show those skills and hopefully I’ve been able to portray that and tell a story.


Michael Jordan on 60 Minutes

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The TV News Mag that I reviewed was 60 Minutes, more specifically I checked out the interview with Michael Jordan. I’m a huge Michael Jordan fan so this was one I was particularly interested in looking up.

The questions were all obviously personal and over several topics. They ask Jordan about his childhood, what fueled him to become successful, proving himself as a child to his parents, if he regretted his short-lived baseball career, and whom he was trying to get his life back from. Ed Bradley asked Jordan about his gambling problem and what he did to get away from it.

The interview segment does use a lot of B-roll. There are some old pictures from his childhood that are shown; they show old games from basketball to baseball and even him playing golf. They interview has a voiceover when questions are not being asked, but telling the story and transitioning from one topic to another. Bradley’s voiceover is smooth and it not only shows, but also tells the story along with the B-roll.

If you’re not familiar with Michael Jordan’s story the interview touches on several topics in his life and gives a very brief biography of where he has been, what he was going through at that time, and how was trying to live his life out of the spotlight.

As I said before, I’m a big Michael Jordan fan so I do have knowledge about his career, but if you’re a less knowledgeable fan on the team or just wanting to know more, this is a great interview to see. It explains his career and what struggles he went through. It’s not a full in-depth biography but it does touch on several topics about Michael Jordan and his life after basketball.

I also checked out another shorter interview that was done back in 1987 with Michael Jordan when he first started with the Chicago Bulls. He was not married at the time so they ask him questions about his high school/college life and how he did chores around his own home. This interview is much shorter so there’s not a lot of need for too much B-roll, but they do show him cleaning up around his home during the interview.

Stand Out To Become A Dentist

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            Natalie Reeds’ passion for teeth isn’t something you will anticipate when you first meet her. Coming from a young college graduate, most people assume that graduates have no clue what to do after school is done and it’s not plain to see that she has carefully taken the right courses and steps to pursue her future career as a Dentist, yet she has struggled to become certified thus far.

            “I have a weird passion/love for teeth,” Natalie said. “I like to think I’m artistic, and it’s like an art to me.”


            Natalie attended Tulsa Tech during her high school career to feed her interest dental assisting. She spoke to me about the science involved with dentistry and how growing up, her family dentist inspired and piqued her interest. While in high school, Natalie became a certified Dental Assistant and continued her dentistry path at Oklahoma State University.

            After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in 2012, Natalie pursued a job in the dental field to further her career and get real experience. She started working at the patient scheduling center for Ocean Dental January 2013 and was quickly promoted to a leadership position the following August.

            According to her manager Melissa Loudamy, “She was someone that stuck out, in saying that she was a hard worker, dedicated, persistent, she made herself stand out. She had the answers and would help people without anyone having to ask her.”

            Melissa, along with other members of the leadership staff, has had nothing but positive reviews over Natalie’s work performance. As a certified Dental Assistant, she is able to work her way into the different locations Ocean Dental has available and has helped when some of the clinics are short-staffed.

            Apart from helping in the clinics, Natalie is also part of Ocean Dental’s Mobile Screening Unit (MSU) team. MSU goes to different schools around Oklahoma to give children free dental screenings or the option of a dental hygiene visit exactly as it would be done in the clinic. The hygiene visit is covered by insurance and includes services such as prophylaxes, comprehensive oral exams, oral radiographs, fluoride treatment and dental sealants. They visit head starts, elementary, middle and some high schools, providing children these services along with some goodies to get kids excited and educated about their teeth.

“She is so great and well educated in the field that she is sought out from many of our locations in Oklahoma to come help out,” Melissa said.IMG_20140829_202020

Although Natalie has taken the right steps to get her where she wants to be, she, like everyone else has encountered some struggles along the way. This March she will be taking the Dental Admissions test (DAT) for the second time then applying to Dental School for the third time in June. The Dental program is not quite as easy as one would assume. Natalie explained to me the long hours of studying she must go through, being that it is all done independently. She has had to put herself on a very strict and rigorous study schedule along with purchasing practice tests to prepare her.

“Being the one person that gets chosen. The odds are stacked against you. There are a lot of applicants, and you have to make yourself stand out,” Natalie said.

After have taken the DAT a couple of times, Natalie has not lost hope that she will pass it this March. With her current experience in the dental field, and her previous knowledge of taking the test, she knows what she needs to work on and how to manage her time for the upcoming exam. Natalie has continued to build relationships with the Dentists employed with Ocean Dental and other members of leadership so that it may help her further her career and give her the edge she really needs.

From the financial aspect of Natalie’s career, it has not been a big issue; in fact her mother, Debbie Reed, supports her career goals and believes that she is very well suited for it.

Natalie’s mother, Debbie, explained to me that her daughter has had some trouble presenting herself to whoever makes the decisions and that she must learn to be more expressive but as a young college graduate she continues to learn and grow as a person. Her mother not only encourages and supports her career, but also gets involved in volunteering with Natalie and trying to set herself apart from her competition. facebook_1422812176384

Debbie and Natalie have volunteered for Oklahoma’s Mission of Mercy for the past five years. The both explained the program to me which is a two-day free dental clinic that treats patients who are either uninsured, underinsured or do not have access to dental care. OK MOM treats patients for cleanings, fillings, root canals, and even oral surgery; all done for free by pure volunteers like Natalie.


The Huffington Post

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The Huffington Post is an online news site that covers many topics. It features entertainment, politics, business, comedy, healthy living, etc. The website is obviously a very reliable news source for many people. The Huffington Post gets their news stories from free-lance writers, bloggers, and other specialists. The Huffington Post is popular because it has all types of news stories that speak to a large audience and because it’s a credible website.

            Similar to the Huffington Post, you can find many news stories on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and NY Times. USA Today is very similar to the Post, they have news, sports, life, money, technology and travel sections. They feature videos and even photo slideshows of celebrities or other events. The Wall Street Journal, unlike the Huffington Post, offers subscriptions packages to their readers, making it a bit more exclusive.

            One of my favorite columnists from the Huffington Post is Jordan Schultz, he’s a sports writer who covers all sports and has his own daily blog as well called The Schultz Report. Schultz also co-hosts the NBC Sports Radio program, “Kup and Schultz,” which can be heard every Sunday morning. The entries he writes are the most interesting pieces and current stories, to me and I follow him on Twitter to read about current sports news. I find the Huffington Post very informative, and the fact that it’s a credible source is very important. The website is use-friendly and it’s easy for readers to find any topic that they are interested in.

The O’Colly

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After reviewing The O’Colly website… really everyone that knows about knows that the websites target audience is it’s students (as if that wasn’t obvious). I’m sure staff and faculty might check out the website or even pick up a copy from campus, as well as any OSU college athletic fans. I personally don’t read the O’Colly (media or print) just because I’m not really intrigued to know and if I find out about an event that does interest me than I am usually at the forefront or I hear about it through word-of-mouth from my fellow students.

Being that I don’t usually follow or read the O’Colly, I can’t say that there’s been a change to the format or style. The website is user-friendly, it’s easy for readers to follow and I know that my mom would be able to navigate through it if she really wanted to. The O’Colly website and all other media associated with is excellent. It’s all well-organized, its modern, its appealing to the eyes and well-researched. The weakness I think they’re facing is actually getting students to follow along, stay intrigued, and promoting it to students and anyone else who is part of their targeted audience. The O’Colly being college/student-based should know that the audience is young and has a hard time paying attention for a long amount of time; they should think about focusing on their Instagram, Twitter and possibly getting a vine account.

Multimedia is what drives the younger generation, active participation, contests, giveaways, anything to hold their attention for a minimum of six seconds would do. Obviously I’m not a professional but as part of the younger generation I know what keeps us interested and how to get our attention.

Last semester I took Media Style & Structure and we were asked to review articles from the O’Colly and find punctuation and grammatical errors in them. The paper is well-edited and there were very few to be found, I actually found more errors in smaller, rural papers.

Overall the O’Colly is seemingly impressive, has quality content but it lacks promotion and the ability to attract new readers who are not just students and/or staff.

Tiny Paws – Stillwater, Oklahoma

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Apart from this being a homework assignment, I’ve been very excited to keep filming and get better each time. This project is one that I’m most proud of at the moment. I was so excited to get this done and share with everyone (although I’m more of a dog-person). The group I worked with was very helpful, had great ideas and style. So a big shoutout to Kiara Ealy, John Langham and Emilee Williams for such great teamwork on this project. I hope the owner and employees of Tiny Paws are excited about the commercial we’ve come up with for them and are gaining lots of awareness and adoptees. To learn more about Tiny Paws, click here.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered [music video]

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I’ve taken a hiatus from my website, but I wanted to make sure and post some of my recent projects from my Audio/Video class. I worked on this project for about two weeks or so with some of my classmates. The assignment was to choose a pre 1980s song that had no official video already and create our own. Now for legal purposes our video is only 30 seconds long, but I hope you enjoy our video. Please excuse my short-lived video appearance. 😛





Google’s Driverless Car Project

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Good news, for those who dislike driving; like my sister. Technology has advanced to the point where in the future, you will no longer have to drive. Google’s Chris Urmson and Ron Medford have been working on a driverless car project to reduce death. Car accidents have killed over 33,000 people in the last year and they have been trying to come up with a way to make it safe for everyone. The leading cause of death for teens is reckless driving and for a corporation to create a driverless car is genius. Of course, not all kinks have been worked out and they may not be on the market for a while but the technology that has been put into this project is absolutely amazing. Project leaders are wanting to make these driverless cars affordable as well. These project cars have actually been driven by google employees with over 700,000 miles of data that has been recorded. It has saved so much time for people to focus on other things besides driving. The technology within this driverless car has been able to distinguish people from animals from objects that should be avoided. To view this view this video, click here.

Vine & Instagram Famers Get Advertising Deals

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With Social Media taking over the advertising world, companies have started to use these famous social media users to influence and promote their products. It doesn’t come as a surprise that companies have begun to use these social media stars to promote. Because of the decline in newspapers and less people watching TV ads, corporations have moved on to social media to get the word out on new products. These popular Viner’s and Instgrammer’s have so many followers that people look to them for advice on new products because they can relate to people their age. It’s easier to believe an Instagrammer who takes pictures with a product or a YouTuber who posts a review video and shows you step-by-step how to use a product and what they recommend. People build relationships with these popular people on social media platforms and take their stamp of approval very seriously. And these popular users on social media platforms take advantage of their popularity by getting deals and getting paid to promote quality products. To read more about this article, click here.

Chicago Bulls History 1984 – Present

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The Chicago Bulls was formed in 1966 and joined the NBA as the league’s 10th franchise. For the first few years as any new basketball franchise the team struggled until about 1968 when Bob Love, a former Milwaukee Buck came to the Bulls and played as a starting forward. With his record average of 25.8 points per game Bob Love made his first two appearances at the NBA All-Star Games and a third in 1973. He was the second player from the Chicago Bulls to have his #10 jersey retired, after Jerry Sloan. The Bulls’ reputation was quickly embraced by the fans and in the NBA as one of the “toughest” teams. The Bulls were very hardworking but the results did not always reflect the hard work. During the mid-1980s, Michael Jordan was Chicago’s third draft pick and most notably the best decision the Bulls made. Jordan’s first season with the Bulls went tremendous his point average was at 28.2 and had a shooting average of 51.5%. Michael’s popularity and reputation grew so quickly that he became every fan’s favorite player even among opposing teams and was named All-Star player.  Michael’s fast-growing popularity caught the attention of many including the media which made many players envious including those on his team which led to a rumored “freeze out” where his own teammates would ignore and avoid passing the ball to Michael. Michael said he knew nothing about the “freeze out” during his Hall of Fame Enshrinement speech, he said he was just so happy to be there and playing with such great players he was naiive to the rumors going around and only wanted to be the best to impress his teammates. In Jordan’s second season he was severly injured and broke his foot leaving him to miss 64 games. Even without Jordan, the Bulls made the playoffs and he was able to return in time to play. Jordan helped play against the Celtics but lost. Jordan along with his teammates continued to play hard for the next few years and returned to the Playoffs winning several awards along the way. From 1991-1993 the Chicago Bulls led their famous 3-Peat and won three NBA Championships which then soon after Michael Jordan announced his retirement. He had recently lost his father and felt that he no longer was happy playing basketball. He took a short retirement and came back to the NBA in 1995 which everyone was more than happy to welcome him back. Michael had gone more than a year without playing basketball but adjusted quickly and led to Chicago’s 2nd 3-Peat. Jordan then retired again for the second time in 1999. Over the next several years, the team struggled without Michael but the fans came flocking in to watch the games. The Bulls stadium had sold out 567 games straight and they continued to watch even after Jordan was gone. The Chicago Bulls continued to stay pretty quiet for the next several years, not many players were drafted to the Bulls that had much of an impact. Bulls expected to try and recruit some free agents but most players rejected Chicago simply for convenience of being closer to their homes.

Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls

In 2008, the Chicago Bulls 1st draft pick was Derrick Rose, the recently famous point guard who has brought so much attention once again to the Bulls. Rose caught a lot of attention being the first player to score more than 10 points in his first 10 games since Jordan. Derrick Rose played in the Rookie Challenge and won the ‘Skills Challenge’ and was the first rookie to do so and went on to win Rookie Of The Year as well, along with Jordan. Rose has been nothing short of amazing and has worked very hard to help the Bulls get to the Playoffs, not once but four times since he joined the Chicago Bulls. In the 2010-2011 season Derrick Rose was chosen to play as a starting guard on the 2011 NBA All-Star Team for the East. On May 3rd, Rose broke yet another record; named the youngest NBA Most Valuable Player at 22. And the highlight of the 2011 Playoffs for the Bulls was getting to the 3rd round with the Miami Heat. The series went on for five games but due to several injuries with the Bulls players they lost the series and the Heat went on to the Finals. Although we still have not made it to the Finals, all of this progress just shows how far we have come and how much hard work is being put in by the players and coaches to keep going. This has been a difficult year as well, just yesterday the Chicago Bulls played game 5 against the Wizards and fell short. The season is over for the Bulls but it was still an amazing season throughout the obstacles that were thrown at us. Rose was injured once again early in the season, Deng and Nate Robinson were traded, and then Taj was injured last night as well. Regardless of how we we did in the Playoffs, I will always #SEERED and remain loyal. Bulls’s fans stay loyal because we believe in the game and the players. We see how hard they work and never give up; giving and inspiring us all. Thank you for an amazing season Noah, DJ, Taj, Kirk, Dunleavy, Butler, the rookies, and the rest of the bench. Next season is ours!