Vine & Instagram Famers Get Advertising Deals

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With Social Media taking over the advertising world, companies have started to use these famous social media users to influence and promote their products. It doesn’t come as a surprise that companies have begun to use these social media stars to promote. Because of the decline in newspapers and less people watching TV ads, corporations have moved on to social media to get the word out on new products. These popular Viner’s and Instgrammer’s have so many followers that people look to them for advice on new products because they can relate to people their age. It’s easier to believe an Instagrammer who takes pictures with a product or a YouTuber who posts a review video and shows you step-by-step how to use a product and what they recommend. People build relationships with these popular people on social media platforms and take their stamp of approval very seriously. And these popular users on social media platforms take advantage of their popularity by getting deals and getting paid to promote quality products. To read more about this article, click here.


The Hunt

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As a full-time student, I already don’t have money to go shopping. I find The Hunt to be unnecessary and stupid to be completely honest. If you want something, is it really that difficult to find it on your own? Who needs an app to find it for them? Have we really become that lazy that we can’t even google something? Even if you are an avid shopper, I think shopper’s would be able to find anything they want to buy. So what exactly is the point of The Hunt? To read more about this article, click here.

Millennials: “Always-ON” is an understatement

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I agree with Loechner, I do the same thing when I’m trying to “study” or “research” I open up my MacBook Pro, browse for information on Google, open up Facebook, open up iTunes and play music, have my iPad on playing Clash of Clans, and then occassionally check my iPhone for new notifications or text messages. Ads? Na, we skip those. Wait 15 or 30 seconds and move on to what we were doing, while those 30 seconds are going by we’re checking our email. Millennials have no time to waste on banner ads and have gotten into the habit of consuming so much media at one time it’s rediculous. If large companies want to gain the attention of these Millennials and not spend so much money on advertising they would be better off finding a young individual that they can relate to like some popular YouTuber’s to promote their products which will then lead to millennials buying their products and gaining more attention and millions of consumers. To read more about this article, click here.