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After reviewing The O’Colly website… really everyone that knows about knows that the websites target audience is it’s students (as if that wasn’t obvious). I’m sure staff and faculty might check out the website or even pick up a copy from campus, as well as any OSU college athletic fans. I personally don’t read the O’Colly (media or print) just because I’m not really intrigued to know and if I find out about an event that does interest me than I am usually at the forefront or I hear about it through word-of-mouth from my fellow students.

Being that I don’t usually follow or read the O’Colly, I can’t say that there’s been a change to the format or style. The website is user-friendly, it’s easy for readers to follow and I know that my mom would be able to navigate through it if she really wanted to. The O’Colly website and all other media associated with is excellent. It’s all well-organized, its modern, its appealing to the eyes and well-researched. The weakness I think they’re facing is actually getting students to follow along, stay intrigued, and promoting it to students and anyone else who is part of their targeted audience. The O’Colly being college/student-based should know that the audience is young and has a hard time paying attention for a long amount of time; they should think about focusing on their Instagram, Twitter and possibly getting a vine account.

Multimedia is what drives the younger generation, active participation, contests, giveaways, anything to hold their attention for a minimum of six seconds would do. Obviously I’m not a professional but as part of the younger generation I know what keeps us interested and how to get our attention.

Last semester I took Media Style & Structure and we were asked to review articles from the O’Colly and find punctuation and grammatical errors in them. The paper is well-edited and there were very few to be found, I actually found more errors in smaller, rural papers.

Overall the O’Colly is seemingly impressive, has quality content but it lacks promotion and the ability to attract new readers who are not just students and/or staff.


Vine & Instagram Famers Get Advertising Deals

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With Social Media taking over the advertising world, companies have started to use these famous social media users to influence and promote their products. It doesn’t come as a surprise that companies have begun to use these social media stars to promote. Because of the decline in newspapers and less people watching TV ads, corporations have moved on to social media to get the word out on new products. These popular Viner’s and Instgrammer’s have so many followers that people look to them for advice on new products because they can relate to people their age. It’s easier to believe an Instagrammer who takes pictures with a product or a YouTuber who posts a review video and shows you step-by-step how to use a product and what they recommend. People build relationships with these popular people on social media platforms and take their stamp of approval very seriously. And these popular users on social media platforms take advantage of their popularity by getting deals and getting paid to promote quality products. To read more about this article, click here.


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Personally, if you have to pay for an app to make yourself look thinner for Instagram, there might be a problem. I use photoshop, and retouch on photos; but to make myself look like a 100lb model? Not that it may or may not be impossible, but what would be the purpose? If you don’t look like that in person why try so hard to make yourself look that way in a single picture or just online? There may be some deeper, psychological reasoning behind it and getting a 99 cent app isn’t going to solve your problems. Sure it’s fun to mess with photo editing apps for fun or to make your selfies look cool, but when it gets to that extreme where young girls are running into these self-image/self-esteem issues; it becomes a problem. There’s definitely no harm in having fun with editing photo apps but there definitely needs to be a balance and younger girls don’t need to think that this is the way to look. To read more about this article, click here.

Instagram: Facebook’s Biggest Money-Maker

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If you could click on any Instagram picture and directly buy that product or item, would you? Instagram has millions of users and the amount of likes in one day is beyond rediculous. Just imagine being able to buy those things you like. Goel tells us that Facebook has been very quiet about Instagram but will soon be finding a way to use it to make money, which is no surprise. When asked about the plan to make money with Instagram Zuckerburg says, “We’re still trying to learn what the right way to approach that product is, and we’re going to move slowly because we think that’s the right thing to do for Instagram.” For Facebook and the companies advertising their companies, it’s a no-brainer; they’ll be increasing revenue like crazy. As for us consumers, yes we will be spending money; I think as long as they don’t charge to use the app it will go okay, and it’s also another convenient way for us to purchase things we love. To read more about this article, click here. 

Social Media Strategies

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Basically, if you aren’t online as much as others (including myself), and want to increase on followers, views, likes, etc. etc., then you should definitely read these 14 strategies; otherwise, I think most people know when the best time is to tweet something, or post on upload a new Instagram picture. As far as Facebook, that kinda varies because most people are on Facebook 90% of the time. Most people don’t actually ever log out, they just aren’t on the feed 24/7. The article definitely makes sense, but nothing new to me. To read more about this article, click here.

Instagram Phenomena

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Instagram Is The Fastest-Growing Social Site Globally, Mobile Devices Rule Over PCs For Access

My response is that Instagram has indeed become the most popular social site, especially in the U.S., and that the reason Mobile Devices rule over all others is because we carry them on our person all day, everyday. Instagram has recently added an app for iPads/Tablets as well as a website, but how convenient is it to simply pull out your phone and scroll through instead of powering up your laptop/PC or even tablets just to get on Instagram? It’s easier and faster to pull up on your phone, and Instagram is more generally used with younger adults than with older adults. Most adults don’t spend time taking selfies, random pictures of their food, or “Bitches be like..” pictures.