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After reviewing The O’Colly website… really everyone that knows about knows that the websites target audience is it’s students (as if that wasn’t obvious). I’m sure staff and faculty might check out the website or even pick up a copy from campus, as well as any OSU college athletic fans. I personally don’t read the O’Colly (media or print) just because I’m not really intrigued to know and if I find out about an event that does interest me than I am usually at the forefront or I hear about it through word-of-mouth from my fellow students.

Being that I don’t usually follow or read the O’Colly, I can’t say that there’s been a change to the format or style. The website is user-friendly, it’s easy for readers to follow and I know that my mom would be able to navigate through it if she really wanted to. The O’Colly website and all other media associated with is excellent. It’s all well-organized, its modern, its appealing to the eyes and well-researched. The weakness I think they’re facing is actually getting students to follow along, stay intrigued, and promoting it to students and anyone else who is part of their targeted audience. The O’Colly being college/student-based should know that the audience is young and has a hard time paying attention for a long amount of time; they should think about focusing on their Instagram, Twitter and possibly getting a vine account.

Multimedia is what drives the younger generation, active participation, contests, giveaways, anything to hold their attention for a minimum of six seconds would do. Obviously I’m not a professional but as part of the younger generation I know what keeps us interested and how to get our attention.

Last semester I took Media Style & Structure and we were asked to review articles from the O’Colly and find punctuation and grammatical errors in them. The paper is well-edited and there were very few to be found, I actually found more errors in smaller, rural papers.

Overall the O’Colly is seemingly impressive, has quality content but it lacks promotion and the ability to attract new readers who are not just students and/or staff.


Millennials: “Always-ON” is an understatement

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I agree with Loechner, I do the same thing when I’m trying to “study” or “research” I open up my MacBook Pro, browse for information on Google, open up Facebook, open up iTunes and play music, have my iPad on playing Clash of Clans, and then occassionally check my iPhone for new notifications or text messages. Ads? Na, we skip those. Wait 15 or 30 seconds and move on to what we were doing, while those 30 seconds are going by we’re checking our email. Millennials have no time to waste on banner ads and have gotten into the habit of consuming so much media at one time it’s rediculous. If large companies want to gain the attention of these Millennials and not spend so much money on advertising they would be better off finding a young individual that they can relate to like some popular YouTuber’s to promote their products which will then lead to millennials buying their products and gaining more attention and millions of consumers. To read more about this article, click here.