Ron Medford

Google’s Driverless Car Project

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Good news, for those who dislike driving; like my sister. Technology has advanced to the point where in the future, you will no longer have to drive. Google’s Chris Urmson and Ron Medford have been working on a driverless car project to reduce death. Car accidents have killed over 33,000 people in the last year and they have been trying to come up with a way to make it safe for everyone. The leading cause of death for teens is reckless driving and for a corporation to create a driverless car is genius. Of course, not all kinks have been worked out and they may not be on the market for a while but the technology that has been put into this project is absolutely amazing. Project leaders are wanting to make these driverless cars affordable as well. These project cars have actually been driven by google employees with over 700,000 miles of data that has been recorded. It has saved so much time for people to focus on other things besides driving. The technology within this driverless car has been able to distinguish people from animals from objects that should be avoided. To view this view this video, click here.