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The Huffington Post is an online news site that covers many topics. It features entertainment, politics, business, comedy, healthy living, etc. The website is obviously a very reliable news source for many people. The Huffington Post gets their news stories from free-lance writers, bloggers, and other specialists. The Huffington Post is popular because it has all types of news stories that speak to a large audience and because it’s a credible website.

            Similar to the Huffington Post, you can find many news stories on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and NY Times. USA Today is very similar to the Post, they have news, sports, life, money, technology and travel sections. They feature videos and even photo slideshows of celebrities or other events. The Wall Street Journal, unlike the Huffington Post, offers subscriptions packages to their readers, making it a bit more exclusive.

            One of my favorite columnists from the Huffington Post is Jordan Schultz, he’s a sports writer who covers all sports and has his own daily blog as well called The Schultz Report. Schultz also co-hosts the NBC Sports Radio program, “Kup and Schultz,” which can be heard every Sunday morning. The entries he writes are the most interesting pieces and current stories, to me and I follow him on Twitter to read about current sports news. I find the Huffington Post very informative, and the fact that it’s a credible source is very important. The website is use-friendly and it’s easy for readers to find any topic that they are interested in.


The O’Colly

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After reviewing The O’Colly website… really everyone that knows about knows that the websites target audience is it’s students (as if that wasn’t obvious). I’m sure staff and faculty might check out the website or even pick up a copy from campus, as well as any OSU college athletic fans. I personally don’t read the O’Colly (media or print) just because I’m not really intrigued to know and if I find out about an event that does interest me than I am usually at the forefront or I hear about it through word-of-mouth from my fellow students.

Being that I don’t usually follow or read the O’Colly, I can’t say that there’s been a change to the format or style. The website is user-friendly, it’s easy for readers to follow and I know that my mom would be able to navigate through it if she really wanted to. The O’Colly website and all other media associated with is excellent. It’s all well-organized, its modern, its appealing to the eyes and well-researched. The weakness I think they’re facing is actually getting students to follow along, stay intrigued, and promoting it to students and anyone else who is part of their targeted audience. The O’Colly being college/student-based should know that the audience is young and has a hard time paying attention for a long amount of time; they should think about focusing on their Instagram, Twitter and possibly getting a vine account.

Multimedia is what drives the younger generation, active participation, contests, giveaways, anything to hold their attention for a minimum of six seconds would do. Obviously I’m not a professional but as part of the younger generation I know what keeps us interested and how to get our attention.

Last semester I took Media Style & Structure and we were asked to review articles from the O’Colly and find punctuation and grammatical errors in them. The paper is well-edited and there were very few to be found, I actually found more errors in smaller, rural papers.

Overall the O’Colly is seemingly impressive, has quality content but it lacks promotion and the ability to attract new readers who are not just students and/or staff.

Celebrities & Online Marketing

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Now that mostly all celebrities have Facebook and Twitter accounts, Hollywood is no longer having to advertise or promote as much as they used to. At least not so much work is put into it. Now celebrities are self-promoting on different social platforms and interacting with fans to get more attention. I thought the article was definitely right about how marketing is now changing and the responsibility so to say is now relying on the actors themselves to get millions of fans interested. I think fans love that celebrities are now personally engaging with us even if its only on a social network. I personally, have gotten ‘Thank you’s from a couple R&B artists on Twitter; some retweets and favorites as well. Which was amazing, such a great feeling to know that the celebrities we love are reading our feedback and responding with simple gestures to let us know we are being heard. To read more about this article, click here.

Social Media & The News

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The Pew Research that was done over how News exists with Social Media was right on the money. I agree with the statistics and the eight different take-aways. Facebook is definitely the social media site that has the most news which is often shared by family or friends which can range from “Women using bra as phone holders can cause cancer” to “Mayor Ford on Crack.. again” (those are just some examples). The news that people read on Facebook is only actually read when they click on the article, not everyone clicks on every article to read, they might just scroll through but it’s probably the only social media site that lets you share those news stories. There are several other key points explained in the article, one of them in particular, about how people have different opinions from Twitter and the public opinion I think that the reason being is that Twitter is usually where people post their most rash opinions on things, they don’t post to agree with the public, they post or tweet about what they really feel, so their opinions may seem harsh. To read more about this article, click here.

A ‘How-To’ For Twitter

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Belle Cooper gives a run-down on some things you should really know and consider on Twitter if you’re looking for more followers or to even get yourself trending. These steps are definitely something a company should consider if they’re looking to get more attention. As a student with a part-time job, I can definitely vouche for the chart showing what times a person is active on Twitter. Although I probably should not admit that I tweet daily in classes, I’m guilty. I agree that using images catches our attention, if there is no image only text; people are less likely to pay attention to it. Images make the tweet more exciting to read about, as well as links. Hashtags are an okay idea to use, but I don’t necessarily believe that it really attracts people to it. I think Cooper has a good grasp on how to gain followers and any company that is growing and wants more attention on Twitter should definitely take these steps into consideration. To read more about this article, click here.


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Andy Wiedlin tells us how they make money from clicks on their website, instead of using banner ads, they use stories from other sponsors on their own website. Personally, I’ve been on Buzzfeed a lot lately, just taking all those quizzes and the fun stories with gifs. I first got introduced to the site through my Facebook. Lots of my friends and family have shared stories and quizzes that they’ve taken and then post to Facebook. I think it’s a great idea to use shared content instead of banner ads for them to make money. To see the video, click here.

Facebook News Feed Isn’t Really News

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Derek Thompson writes about how we use Facebook to read articles and how it has surpassed Google’s search for news articles. I 100% agree with Derek and believe that people no longer search for real news stories, not even on Facebook. Facebook “news” is actually just things we want to read about, heart-warming stories about how some lady defeated Cancer or things that remind us of our childhoods. Thompson writes that the news we choose to read on Facebook is simply, “to show us a reflection of the person we’d like to be, to make us feel, to make us smile, and, most simply, to remind us of ourselves.” So, yes we go to Facebook and Twitter to find out what’s going on, but we don’t really want to know about what’s going on in Wallstreet or about the Stock Market. Even if one of our friends was to share substantial information, would we even bother to click the link and seriously read the whole article? Probably not. To read more about this article, click here.

Thank You Jack Dorsey…

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.. without him, we wouldn’t have Twitter. The interview on 60 Minutes, was very interesting and gave me a different perspective on how he comes up with such great projects like Square. I’m pretty amazed at how innovative Jack Dorsey is, and he definitely deserves all the awards and praises he gets. Square is a great app that I know firsthand how simple and how efficient it is for people to use in their everyday lives. To view the video, click here.

Social Media Strategies

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Basically, if you aren’t online as much as others (including myself), and want to increase on followers, views, likes, etc. etc., then you should definitely read these 14 strategies; otherwise, I think most people know when the best time is to tweet something, or post on upload a new Instagram picture. As far as Facebook, that kinda varies because most people are on Facebook 90% of the time. Most people don’t actually ever log out, they just aren’t on the feed 24/7. The article definitely makes sense, but nothing new to me. To read more about this article, click here.

HLN & Their Grandpa CEO

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So, basically Albie Hecht got this new CEO position and wants to make HLN into Twitter/Tumblr/MediaTakeOut combined? I feel like he’s trying to do something that is already out there, and I don’t think many people will catch on to HLN. I don’t personally know anyone or had even heard of HLN before today. People get on Twitter for news, or if you want the raunchy news/gossip you get on MediaTakeOut, TMZ or even Perez Hilton’s blog to hear about celebs. I just don’t see what the point is or see it really going anywhere. To read more about this article, click here.