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The Huffington Post is an online news site that covers many topics. It features entertainment, politics, business, comedy, healthy living, etc. The website is obviously a very reliable news source for many people. The Huffington Post gets their news stories from free-lance writers, bloggers, and other specialists. The Huffington Post is popular because it has all types of news stories that speak to a large audience and because it’s a credible website.

            Similar to the Huffington Post, you can find many news stories on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and NY Times. USA Today is very similar to the Post, they have news, sports, life, money, technology and travel sections. They feature videos and even photo slideshows of celebrities or other events. The Wall Street Journal, unlike the Huffington Post, offers subscriptions packages to their readers, making it a bit more exclusive.

            One of my favorite columnists from the Huffington Post is Jordan Schultz, he’s a sports writer who covers all sports and has his own daily blog as well called The Schultz Report. Schultz also co-hosts the NBC Sports Radio program, “Kup and Schultz,” which can be heard every Sunday morning. The entries he writes are the most interesting pieces and current stories, to me and I follow him on Twitter to read about current sports news. I find the Huffington Post very informative, and the fact that it’s a credible source is very important. The website is use-friendly and it’s easy for readers to find any topic that they are interested in.



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I think Tastemade is a great channel. They have really great videos that show you how to make different foods/drinks. A lot of the people featured in the video’s aren’t professional cooks but they have a passion for food, which a lot of people can relate to. I think the reason people are more inclined to watch Tastemade is simply because they can pick and choose what they want to see, instead of having to watch what is only on the Food Network. To read more about this article, click here.

YouTube: Ups & Downs

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In a New York Times Article, Leslie Kaufman talks about Youtuber, Olga Kay and how she had success using YouTube but also encountered some financial issues with YouTube as well. They basically tell you about what ways YouTube can be helpful and not so helpful. I definitely agree with the fact that one should use YouTube to get word out about your business or whatever it is that you decided to video about, but you should not use YouTube to grow your business on. YouTube, just like any company is going to find ways to make money to stay alive and one of the ways they’re doing that is that they get a percentage of the taxes, which for them is a good idea. But for YouTuber’s it may not seem quite as fair. Personally, if I was using YouTube it would really only be for promotional purposes, nothing else. To read more about the article, click here.