this is just the beginning.


What’s my story ?

My name is Ericka Alvarado. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design at Oklahoma State University – Institute of Technology. I’ve gone through my share of struggles as a college student and finally know what I want to do with my life. After chaning my major, many times, I have decided to go to OSUIT in Okmulgee and join the Graphic Design program. I have a great passion art, web design, photoshop and visual communications in general. I’m a very open-minded and family-oriented person. I have an older brother and a younger sister, making me the middle child. I come from a Mexican-American family where our values and traditions are very important to us. I’m the first person in my family to go to college and I take my education seriously. I work hard every day to succeed and make my parents proud, and I apprecciate their hard work to help me through it. To me, college is a privilege and the career path I choose may not be easy; being a female and a minority may come with adversity but I am no stranger to the struggle; hard work and perseverance is what will get me through it.

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